Coppice Pond area - 9th December 2006

After visiting a few sites before arriving at St.Ives, I decided to just have a slow wander around the Coppice Pond & Bog area. I did a loop from the Harden entrance, up the driveway to the pond and then past the bog and back down to the entrance.

Driveway: I heard my first singing Mistle Thrush of this winter period not long after getting out of my car. It was singing somewhere over towards Cuckoo's Nest Cottages. In the woods adjacent to the drive a feeding party containing Long-tailed, Coal, Blue and Great Tits, Goldcrest, Nuthatch, as well as Treecreeper worked it's way through the trees.

Coppice Pond: My first Little Grebe of this winter period was on the pond in the eastern corner. No doubt it has been pushed off the River Aire by the large amounts of rainfall. A lone female Goosander was all that was left of the potential roost last night. Once again there was no sign of the Canada Geese. The Little Grebe was again present on the 10th as I had a quick look when passing in the morning.

Coppice Bog: another feeding party was present in the trees between the pond and the bog. at the western edge of the bog there were several Jays making a right racket.

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