28th August 2005

still plenty of Chiffchaff calling "sveet" around the estate.
Both Blackcap and Willow Warbler are still present
Swallows and House Martins can be seen feeding over woods
Nuthatch, Treecreeper, & Great Spotted Woodpecker in woods
Bullfinches were seen feeding on Rowan berries at Coppice Bog
Small feeding parties of birds are now being formed
But still no sign of the Crossbills invasion in St.Ives.

Insects : Butterflies
Meadow Browns are still about but weather conditions weren't good for finding butterflies and dragonflies this weekend.

11th August 2005

18.10-19.00hrs Coppice pond area
several Chiffchaffs calling, Goldcrest family party
Immature Coot of various ages on Coppice Pond

6th August 2005 0900-1045

Canada Geese with well grown young, Mallard
Sparrowhawk young heard calling again
Moorhen and Coot with young on Coppice Pond
Swallow, Great Spotted Woodpecker
Several Chiffchaff calling around the estate
Goldcrest with young in Racecourse Plantation
Nuthatch, Jay, Goldfinch etc

No sign of any Crossbills in St.Ives as yet

Meadow Brown, Large White

Common Hawker

Crossbills are coming (?)

In recent weeks their have been reports of what could be an invasion by the Common Crossbill into Britain from the continent. This usually means that at some point during August St.Ives will have a varying population. In the past we have had flocks of over 100 Crossbills but we often get smaller flocks.

Crossbills are large finches with the tips of their mandibles crossed, hence the name. They prefer conifer plantations and Larch trees as they feed almost exclusively on the cones.

I will obviously post any sightings as soon as I see or hear some