Dawn Chorus 2008

Two guided walks took place on the 3rd and 10th May which were tied into the International Dawn Chorus Day, which was promoted by the BBC.

Both walks were well attended by 9 and 7 people.

Complete novices and birding beginners were introduced to the various bird songs as we made our way around the estate grounds. Though nothing rare was seen or heard, those whom attended marvelled at the songs of Song Thrush and Blackcap. By the end of the walks many were picking out "their own" Chiffchaffs.

The awe factor was provided by the female Goosander and her 11 ducklings all sat out in the sunshine preening.

Sadly, the star summer migrants haven't arrived even now, so we didn't get to listen to Pied Flycatchers, Redstart, Wood Warbler or Garden Warbler

First breeding Goosanders at St.Ives

Image supplied by I.Hargreaves with thanks

April 2008

With March being much colder this year than of late, summer migrant species were late to return. April started in a similar vein but eventually migrants started arriving. Chiffchaffs & Blackcaps normally arrive in March but didn't start turning up until mid-April. By the end of April there were at least 9 singing Chiffchaff and 4 singing Blackcaps. Willow Warblers were also back but not in good numbers.

There have been a few sightings of a Common Buzzard over St.Ives and the surrounding area, though nobody has managed to see a pair.

Great Spotted Woodpeckers have been drumming in several locations around the estate.
I have only heard the Green Woodpecker once though.

Coots, Canada Geese and Moorhens are all sat on nests.

When the weather improves we should have an influx of migrants, fingers crossed it'll be soon...............