2nd July 2006

Coppice Pond and Cuckoo's Nest:

I only found time to have a short walk in St.Ives today, starting off by visaiting Coppice Pond. Here I found 2 broods of well grown Coot juveniles and 2 broods of small downy young still in the next. I spotted a Moorhen with fledged downy young on the edge of the island. The multitude of Canada Geese and their young were all fast asleep on the island itself.

In the woods, very few birds were singing despite the sunny day. 2 Chiffchaff and only one Blackcap could be bothered enough to sing, while very few resident species followed suit. This is undoubtedly due to them all having fledged young to feed. I did manage to see Spotted Flycatcher catch a butterfly, but didn't see any youngsters with it.

On the insect front I saw 2 Speckled Wood butterflies in Cuckoo's Nest. There were also several blue Damselflies on the lillies on Coppice Pond, I presume they were Common Blue Damselfly.