23rd December 2007

A full circuit today produced few birds but at least the weather was nice for a change.

Coppice Pond
The male Mute Swan is still present (no doubt sometime soon he'll be "named")
No sign of any geese or visiting waterfowl. Plenty of Moorhen and Coot among the army of Mallards.

Racecourse Plantation
Siskins were heard overhead. A party of Long-tailed Tits contained Goldcrests and Coal Tits.

Golf Course - fields adjacent to the second tee.
On the dry stone wall a pair of Little Owls sunning themselves were interupted by a Grey Squirrel. One flew off but the other just ignored it by pretending to be a stone.

Cuckoo's Nest Wood
Nuthatches were vocal but difficult to locate. However we saw at least 4 Great Spotted Woodpeckers.

15th December 2007

A full wander around the estate grounds this morning produced the following sightings;

Coppice Pond
Although partially frozen it made counting the waterfowl easier. The lone Mute Swan remains but there was no Canada Geese again. There were 42 Mallards, 10 Coot and at least 7 Moorhen.

Racecourse Plantation
Feeding quietly in the pathside trees were 4 Redpoll which I nearly missed as I walked past them. thanks to a flock of Goldcrests I managed to see them.

Blind Lane
A flock of 75+ Redwings were feeding among the leaf litter under two large isolated trees in the fields either side of Blind Lane. they didn't appear to mind me as I got closer and closer and I had excellent views of this winter visiting Thrush.

Cuckoo's Nest Wood
Nuthatches and Treecreepers were very vocal though I didn't see many of either.