6th May 2012

International Dawn Chorus Day was celebrated by having a walk around the estate kicking off at 6am. The main highlight was the male Wood Warbler singing in Racecourse Plantation. A Green Woodpecker yaffling from a tree top was well watched and new to some observers.
Song and Mistle Thrushes were very vocal around the entire estate. Other prominent song birds were the migrants Willow Warblers, Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps. Redpolls are still present but were all fly-over sightings.

M Doveston et al

May birding

Spring has arrived and we've reached the month of May. Bird song is at its best!
This weekend it is also International Dawn Chorus Day and to celebrate this there is a Bird Walk starting at 6am from Coppice Pond. Please register your interest with Mark D by following the link to his profile.