Goosanders & Goldcrests

26th November 0830-1000am
Coppice Pond:
11 Goosander were on Coppice Pond this morning, suggesting that they may have roosted over night or arrived from a roost in the very early hours this morning.There were at least three adult males with another very scruffy looking male, possibly a younger bird. 2 Common Gulls were among the 25 plus Black-headed Gulls. Good numbers of Coot remain.

Racecourse Plantation:
A large flock of Goldcrests were alongside the path just north from Heather Park. They were showing very well and it was good to see some interaction between them, the flaring of their crests and fanning of tails, as they resolved pecking order issues. In the flock were the usual Tit species and a Redpoll. I also heard another Crossbill fly over. Still no sign of any flocks of Crossbill, just singletons being seen or heard.

Crossgates Barn Area:
40 plus Redwing were feeding in the fields here. A Blackbird was alarm calling due to the presence of a Little Owl in a Hawthorn.

19th November 2005

Not much to report as it is traditionally a quiet time for the birdlife of St.Ives. There was a small flock of Redwing and I could hear Fieldfare calling somewhere. There was no sign of any winter finches such as Redpoll, Siskin or Brambling and once again no sign of the Crossbills.

Coppice Pond was frozen this morning, except for a small area at either end on the water. About 30 Mallards were in a group at the Eastern end of the pond, the males were displaying to the females among them. The 12+ Coots had an uneasy truce at the West end due to the reduced area of water.

I found a pale brown moth on the path in Cuckoo's Nest Wood, but I have no idea which type it was and had no camera to take a photo to enable ID later.

5th November 2005

Water Rail at Coppice Pond.
I heard a Water Rail squealing at Coppice Pond this morning but sadly couldn't find it.
There was very little else to be sen despite it being a mild pleasant November morning.
There was no sign of any winter Thrushes or finches.