July so far....

I've not been around St.Ives for a while, partly due to the weather, partly to do with the breeding season making it harder to see woodland species.

Recently there has been a lone Mute Swan on Coppice Pond, this is a first for me in over twenty years! Also a male Tufted Duck was present early July, that left me wondering if they had stayed to breed but I could find no sign of a female on a nest and so far there hasn't been any sightings of her with young.

I ventured in on Sunday 15th to help set up for the Pageant. Though I didn't see many birds I did notice the following as I was going about my duties:

Sparrowhawk circling over Blind Lane. The Swallows have been successful as there were many of them flying around the stables. A Grey Wagtail kept visiting the Mansion area where I was directing traffic. There were at least three Chiffchaff singing. Jays and Nuthatches were making a lot of noise.

I also had a couple of sightings of a fox.

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