12th & 13th May 2007

Pied Flycatcher has arrived in St.Ives!!!!

After two years of hoping we currently have a male singing outside nest box 36. Fingers crossed he'll attract a mate and or more males into the woods as there is plenty of real estate available.
Box 36 is east of the old barn in Cuckoo Nest Wood.

In general there are several singing Blackcaps and Willow Warblers with at least 6 male Chiffchaff. Only one Garden Warbler has returned so far and only one Whitethroat is singing on the southern edge of the estate. Wood Warblers are yet to come back.

I'm still waiting for the Spotted Flycatchers to return as well as Tree Pipit. There is still no sign of Redstarts after a few years of them not returning.

Other boxes currently being used are as follows:

Blue Tits are in boxes 66, 59, 40, 37 and 4
Great Tits are in box 34

These are only my observations, if you know of more please do get in touch.

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