29th April 2006 - Bird Walk

Two people joined me on today's bird walk starting at 7am from Coppice pond as usual. As we waited for more folk to join us we watched several pairs of Canada Geese having territorial disputes as their population increases leads to breeding season tension. Also noted was a Coots nest on the edge of the island.

Sadly despite it being two weeks since the last walk there doesn't appear to be many new arrivals. Willow Warblers are back in force as they were last weekend but Blackcap and Chiffchaff numbers remain low. I have had reports of Chiffchaff numbers being in double figures again but today there were only about 4 singing. 8 males Blackcaps were heard and just one female seen.

The best bird of the walk was heard at the Racecourse Plantation, where the "buzzing" of Redpoll was heard briefly. Swallows were noted over the woods. a small number of nest boxes are being used but I have yet to go in and check to see how many and by whom.

We did see a Nuthatch taking nesting material into a natural hole in a tree known to me as a nesting site for them a few years ago. The entrance hole has been tidied up by the new home owners. Jays were far more prominant than of late with at least 6 being seen or heard all around the estate grounds. Great Spotted Woodpeckers were everywhere.

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