Crossbills are coming (?)

In recent weeks their have been reports of what could be an invasion by the Common Crossbill into Britain from the continent. This usually means that at some point during August St.Ives will have a varying population. In the past we have had flocks of over 100 Crossbills but we often get smaller flocks.

Crossbills are large finches with the tips of their mandibles crossed, hence the name. They prefer conifer plantations and Larch trees as they feed almost exclusively on the cones.

I will obviously post any sightings as soon as I see or hear some


theo said...


I really like this Blog, look forward to following it as it develops - and good choice of colours


Dave B said...

Agreed Theo,
I like it as well Mark. Think there is scope for more from those who have a specialist subject or area of interest, all linked to the main site.

Mark D said...

Theo / Dave,

thanks for your comments. it developed by accident as I explored a little with the original BOG blog which was renewed as Andy was having problems accessing it. The colour scheme is another accident as it was the one present when I got hold of it. Glad you both like it.